Should I Get a Cat? - 7 Reasons That You Should!

Should I Get a Cat? - 7 Reasons That You Should!
    Sometimes families have difficulty deciding what quite pet to require into their home; it could need to do with preferences, allergies or financial factors. have you ever ever checked out pictures of sleeping or playing cats and thought, "Should i buy a cat?" If you wish cats and feel that having one would be an excellent addition to your family... here are seven reasons that having a cat is pretty cool:

    1) Cats are intuitive.

    It's like they will read our minds-they know intuitively when their owners need more attention, or want to be left alone. Perfect for a person who is trying to find a loyal friend.

    2) Cats are playful.

    They can replace the hours of fun and entertainment that your TV or computer provides you with. counting on the intensity of the cat's playfulness, they will even provide you with some physical activity! This trait makes them perfect for youngsters and other people who enjoy having fun and being active.

    3) Cats are clean.

    There's no got to give cats a shower or brush them constantly (unless they need tons of hair or do not have the power to wash themselves). They clean themselves regularly, saving you time and energy during this area.

    4) Cats are independent.

    This characteristic makes cats the right pet for workaholics, city dwellers and other people living in apartments. While they definitely do need attention, they are not constantly getting to be jumping on you eager to play and most won't feel lonesome or have separation anxiety while you're away for the day at work. Cats can defend themselves-as shown by their intuitiveness and cleanliness.

    5) you do not got to housetrain a cat.

    In addition to bathing themselves, cats are born just about potty trained. All you've got to try to to is about up a litter box and that they naturally skills to use it. This definitely decreases the effort that comes with potty training a puppy!

    6) Cats are avid hunters.

    Not a lover of mice, lizards or giant bugs? Well, cats are great hunters and can keep the pest population down in your home. This also proves how smart they really are-no human would be ready to hunt a mouse that quickly without a mousetrap!

    7) Cats are good for your emotional health.

    It's a known fact, owning a cat can actually decrease your stress level and lower your vital sign . this is often due to their relaxing purr and skill to stay us content and relaxed by just being near.

    Hopefully all of those tips will assist you answer the question... "Should i buy a cat?" and therefore the answer might be Yes! Oh, and confirm that you simply inspect the available cats for adoption at your local animal shelter.
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