Cat Behaviour Problems: Tips To Save Your Plants From a Feline Gardener

Cat Behaviour Problems: Tips To Save Your Plants From a Feline Gardener

    Have you ever noticed that your plant's leaves have little bites taken out of them? Perhaps you've got found dirty paw prints tracked everywhere the ground , or have smelled urine during a plant's soil. This cat behaviour problem has been experienced by almost every pet owner, and may be quite bothersome to those with a green fingers . additionally , many plants are often poisonous if ingested by a cat, which is why it's vital inform yourself about the plants in your home. Luckily, this plant-eating behaviour are often easily solved if you're ready to take the proper precautions to stay kitty faraway from your plants.

    Hide the Plants

    The best deterrent for saving your plants is to stay them out of your kitty's sight. Keep the plants during a room with the door closed, or invest in shelves or hanging baskets to stay the plants out of your cat's reach.

    Get obviate Old Smells

    If you've got been unfortunate enough to experience the cat behaviour problem of urinating during a plant's soil, you're likely frustrated with the overwhelming scent leftover within the plant. to urge obviate this unwanted smell, simply add vinegar to the soil. When the vinegar is thoroughly mixed into the dirt, the leftover scent of cat urine should be gone and can not attract your kitty to the plant.

    Spray a Bitter Flavour on the Leaves

    Chewing on plants can actually be quite dangerous as many plants are poisonous for cats. The ASPCA has provided an inventory of plants that are poisonous to cats, which may be found here: http://www.aspca.org/Pet-care/poison-control/Plants?plant_toxicity=toxic-to-cats. If your kitty has been nibbling on a plant's leaves the simplest deterrent is bitter apple or orange spray. One bite of a leaf that has been spritzed with this flavour will keep your cat faraway from the plant permanently . Although the deterrents aren't dangerous to ingest, make certain to not spray your kitty with them, as they will be harmful to his eyes, nose, and skin.

    Scent the Soil

    Cats are very sensitive to scents, and have a robust distaste for several fragrances including citrus fruits and eucalyptus. to stay your feline out of the soil, bury fresh citrus rinds within the soil, or mix a couple of drops of eucalyptus volatile oil into the dirt. Your kitty will certainly not want to dig during this smelly soil.

    Add Texture to the Dirt

    A feline are often very finicky when it involves walking on strange textures. Placing pinecones or gravel into the dirt will make your cat consider before he decides to steer or dig during a plant's soil.

    Remember, your feline friend isn't trying to frustrate you by demonstrating this cat behaviour problem. Often this behaviour is thanks to curiosity and an affinity for the outside . Understanding why cats are interested in plants and taking the precautions suggested during this article will keep your kitty faraway from any plants in your home. this may also assure you that both your plants and your cat are safely cohabitation in your home.  

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